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We are happy to be now carrying Ellsworth White Cheddar Cheese Curds.  Call to find out about their other delicious flavors, and different pack sizes. 


Sommer maid is now carrying Nasonville Sliced Blue Marble Jack Cheese. A perfect blend of Monterey Jack and Blue Cheese that goes great on a burger!



We are happy to announce our newest partner:
Zerega Pasta!
Call today to learn more.

Sommer Maid is proud
to now be partnered with
Kaiser Pickles!

Sommer Maid is now carrying
Woeber products!

Now offering Ventura products out of our
Atlanta location

Sommer Maid FROZEN is serving dessert!
We now offer
The creators of fine desserts

Sommer Maid FROZEN introduces..
Breakfast Sausage, Pizza Topping, Canadian Bacon, and much more!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with
Horseradish, Cocktail Sauce, Tartar Sauce, and MORE!

Now offering White House Applesauce!!
Sweetened Applesauce Available in:
6 / 10 LB
6 / 12 / 4 oz cups

Bella Francesca Artesano Imported Grated Parmesan
Bella Francesca Artesano Imported Grated Pecorino Romano !!!
Our premium grated cheeses, available in 4 5lb packs.

Huge price reduction on all Feta Cheese products!!!!
NO minimum order!
Stocked items, no longer special order!
Available in 2/9 lb, 28 lb, 8/4 lb cryovac, 4/5 lb crumbles

New Neufchatel Cream Cheese Pricing
!  10/3 Lb Loaf and 1/30 LB bulk
ongoing 34 cent price reduction per LB!

New PC Creamers Pricing
!  Ongoing 50 cent price reduction per case!

Looking for a way to cut costs on your sliced american cheese?
Our Sommer Gold Sliced American
is the answer!

Check it out – Dollars a case less!
Available in white or yellow – 120 slice or 160 slice
Packed 4x5 lb

Manufactured with a ONE YEAR shelf life!


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Serving the food industry for over 100 years!

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