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Sommer Maid Creamery is a family owned and operated dairy. We offer a vast array of refrigerated dairy products to our customers up and down the east coast.

From our original butter churn to our present day business model: large inventories, short lead times and outstanding customer service. Sommer Maid continues to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. The past century has seen many changes; however, Sommer Maid continues to build on the proud tradition of our founders.


The creamery business was established in Doylestown, PA by the late Asher Lear. The late George Sommer bought the dairy in 1918 and established a prosperous butter and egg business under the Sommer Maid trade name. When Mr. Sommer died in 1941 the business was operated under the George Sommer Estate for 18 months until it was purchased by Harvey Umholtz. Under the direction of Mr. Umholtz, Sommer Maid Creamery developed into one of the areas finest dairy establishments. Eventually Sommer Maid merged with State Brand Dairies and AMPI. Today Sommer Maid is owned by Frank Sexton Enterprises, a family owned and operated entity. What has never changed is the company philosophy of bringing the best of Bucks County, Pa to our customers.

We are proud of our past and committed to our future. We look forward to serving your dairy and redistribution needs.

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